What are the values of Take Part?

Take Part is based on the values of social justice, equality and diversity, participation and cooperation. 

Social Justice

Take Part aims to enable citizens to change systems and shape cultures in ways that will guarantee full citizenship. It enables people to claim their human rights - legal, political, civil, social, economic and environmental - to meet their needs and influence the decisions which affect their lives. Take Part learning involves raising awareness of these issues by facilitating dialogue and reflection among participants, and encouraging collective perspectives.

Equality and Diversity

Take Part is underpinned by the recognition that our society is not equal in terms of money, capital, education, prospects, environments, employment and health. Additionally, prejudice results in discrimnation against individuals, groups and communities. Take Part practice approaches these issues by: supporting people to challenge attitudes and behaviours of individuals and institutions; reducing barriers to participation; bringing diverse groups of people together and facilitating dialogue about differences and commonalities.


Take Part learners identify their own needs and learning outcomes, remain involved in decision making throughout the course, share their own expertise and experiences with others, support each other, and lead the evaluation of the success of the programme.


Take Part learners and organisations work together with commonly agreed goals and methods. This includes: organisations working in partnership to deliver Take Part programmes; facilitators working in a spirit of co-operation with learners; learners working together; and people as citizens sharing experiences and knowledge.

These values are delivered through the following learning principles. Take Part learning is: 

  • Learner-centred
  • Experiential
  • Active and reflective
  • Community based

Read more about Take Part learning principles.

Download the Take Part Learning Framework.









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